User guide

We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox when searching this map.

You can use the Edinburgh Connected map in a numberĀ of ways.

1. Use the drop-down filter menu to search for facilities and projects by category.
2. Enter key terms such as ‘sexual health’, ‘education’ or ‘homeless’ in the search bar at the bottom right of the map.
3. Scroll through the projects and facilities list at the bottom of the map. Clicking on an entry will take you to the corresponding ‘pin’ on the map.

The square coloured icons indicate facilities relating to individual health and wellbeing.

The coloured push pins represent opportunities for students to engage with the community.

Clicking on a pin in the map shows more information within a text box. Users can then either click on ‘More Details’ and view the related web page, or ‘Get Directions’ which allows users to search for directions to the facility or project from their present location.

If you encounter a problem with the map please let us know here

Want to add your own health-enhancing facility or community engagement project to the map? Click here and scroll to the form at the bottom of the page.